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If your dream is to create your own tropical permaculture paradise, we can provide the knowledge, resources, and implementation to make it a reality.

Imagine taking a stroll through your own backyard with the sounds of exotic birds squawking in the trees and fresh fruit dangling from every branch around you. No more dependence on grocery stores and just-in-time supply line systems. You can grow all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle right at home – in Perú. Let us show you how.

One of the most challenging aspects of doing business or implementing any worthwhile endeavor in a foreign country is knowing who to trust. In Perú, for example, it is not as simple as logging onto Yelp or Google reviews and searching for the product that you want, with a map of results. In most cases, a given business in Perú has virtually zero online presence. You won’t have any idea how they treat their customers, what their work ethic is, or even if they intend to outright scam you.

We have the experience, and, many times, have learned the hard way how to find quality products and reliable, trustworthy individuals with whom to do business. We can help you navigate the uncharted waters of an often overwhelming culture to help you achieve your self-sufficiency goals.

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