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Planting Fruit Trees in Belan

Food Forests In the San Martin Region

AgroVentures Peru is located in northern Peru near the tiny town of Belen in the Yorongos District of the San Martin region, where the jungle meets the mountains. The nearby city of Tarapoto is a one hour flight from Lima. Our agribusiness focus is confined to this specific region because of it’s more temperate climate and excellent growing conditions.

The San Martin region of Peru is in the southern hemisphere of the Tropic of Capricorn. Solar radiation in this part of the world is extra intense which extends the growing season to all year long. This enables crop exports to not only get to markets ahead of the competition, but it also enables growers to export during off seasons, which then command higher prices. The climate ranges from low to high jungle which is ideal for crops such as rice, bananas and plantains, mangos, cassava, coffee, and cacao, and many other tropical fruits.

Agriculture is an important and growing sector in Perú’s economy. Perú is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world with immense potential for growing a wide range of unique high-value and specialty crops that can be exported internationally. Peru offers countless agribusiness opportunities; many of which have yet to be discovered.

Peruvian Food Crops & Products

One month after planting in BelanThe home of ceviche and the Pisco sour, Peru has its own unique food culture and cuisine. Talented chefs have sparked a resurgence of indigenous foods across the country with restaurants devoted to creatively prepared dishes. Craft beers have exploded with microbreweries becoming popular all over the country. Plus, there are several artisanal distilleries creating spirits infused with tropical herbs, fruits, and flavors from the Amazon region.

All of this opens the door for growing and producing a profusion of specialty crops and foods to sell directly to them. These can include gourmet grown and roasted coffees, juices and unique beverages, condiments, and Peruvian chili peppers, of which there are about 50 varieties – some rarely found outside of specific cities or regions – for creating sauces, marinades, and pastes.

Other Peruvian food opportunities include growing “Superfoods” like acai berries, Camu Camu, golden berries, herbs, and cacao for luxurious chocolate. Peru is also home to approximately 3000 varieties of indigenous potatoes that can either be sold whole or as specialty chips. All of these products provide unique entrepreneurial and export opportunities.

The Business Climate In Peru

The business climate in Peru is excellent and well supported by the government with numerous ministries and organizations that provide support, funding, human resources, and guidance. The country is second place in the region with the greatest number of Public-Private Partnerships developed. Peru also closed out 2019 as the region’s lowest risk country for investors. Plus, the country has had positive growth for over two consecutive decades and enjoys economic stability.

Foreigners can buy prime real estate relatively easily in Peru. Recently passed legislation now reduces the tax burden on non-domiciled owners of Peruvian real estate from 30% to 5%. In fact, right now is the ideal time to purchase real estate in Peru. Thanks to the country’s former president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who was an economist at the World Bank, Peru became the strongest growing economy in all of South America.

Finding Out More

Whether you would like to start an agribusiness venture in this area or just create an off the grid self-sustaining little tropical paradise for yourself, we can help you with your plans.

  • Land location and purchase negotiation services
  • Reliable vendors
  • Tropical planting consultation, support, and workers
  • Permaculture assistance
  • Property management

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